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innovation & creativity

By harnessing the power of nature with state-of-the-art but low-impact methods, we produce innovative and effective green products

Our innovation

We add active dry extracts that we obtain from herbs and beekeeping products to naturally fortify the beneficial properties of our products; this innovative method allows us to turn our products into superfoods.

Plant residues from extraction are returned to the field as natural, organic fertilizer.

We enhance nature’s performance: By implementing genomic protocols, we secure genetic material from plant populations with the best properties. This way, we know that we grow the best cultivars and obtain highest-quality products. Our protocols also allow us at any moment to verify that producers are supplying us with herbs only from selected batches.

The method we use

Our active dry extracts are obtained through the process of extracting medicinal herbs or beekeeping products like propolis, with a selected solvent (in our case water) under specific conditions.

The extracts are essentially a set of different bioactive substances, such as polyphenols, flavonoids in much higher concentrations compared to their respective source.


During the extraction process, herbs & propolis encounter the solvent, water in our case, and at given temperature and pressure conditions, the components are extracted or otherwise “transferred”. The resulting extracts can be in liquid form (such as tinctures) or in dry form (powders) and the use of encapsulation carriers (e.g. inulin) which ensure stability of the bioactive components of the extract.


Our active dry extracts

  • come from high quality 100% organic raw medicinal plants & honey products
  • They are extracts titrated in their active ingredients
  • Extraction is performed using soluble environmentally friendly (mainly water)
  • It is in dry form which allows their better integration in our products in order to enhance their effectiveness
  • We use encapsulation techniques that ensure protection, stability and better transport of their components

Innovation in cultivation

We implement smart and regenerative agriculture; we have installed biosensors on our estate on Mount Olympus and our crops on Mount Parnon. The biosensors record climate and soil conditions, enabling the collection of a large volume of data on several different parameters that affect plant development, and on the concentrations of specific plant elements. We also collaborate with growers who implement regenerative agriculture protocols. We innovate in beekeeping by identifying and selecting bees which have the tendency to collect higher quantities of propolis.

We enhance nature’s performance; by implementing genomic protocols, we secure genetic material from selected plant populations cultivated in the same region with the best properties. In this way, we maintain the biodiversity and can be sure that we grow the best cultivars and obtain highest-quality products. Our protocols also allow us at any moment to verify that producers are supplying us with herbs only from selected batches.

Innovative facilities – Our plant

Our bioclimatic plant was designed according to the principles of sustainability, and to allow the implementation of innovative production processes. Our goal is to achieve energy independence and smart environmental management that saves energy resources. Our production has a minimal environmental footprint, with 100% of our waste being recyclable. In addition to the production areas, there are state-of-the-art research and development facilities for continuous testing and new product development.

In our green plant:

All areas are illuminated with low energy light bulbs that are automatically activated by sensors only when requireed


The plant is equipped with a heat exchange ventilation network to save on climate-controlled air.

We use exclusively solar energy from solar panels to heat water for our tanks.


We partner with certified industrial waste recycling companies, adopting a “zero waste culture” in all our activities.

We are certified organic based on an integrated management system.

Research projects

Through an international network of partnerships with top academic institutions, we seek the next big scientific ideas that will change nutrition and sustainability.

We have strategic partnerships with universities and research institutions around the world.

Educational programs

We believe that to truly benefit everyone, knowledge must be shared. Our education and training programs aim to enhance the knowhow of beekeepers and growers. In this context, we analyse beekeeping and agricultural best practices, combine them with the latest technological breakthroughs in the digital agri-food sector, and adapt them to the unique features of the Greek countryside and local flora. This knowledge, together with our business experience, is shared with our potential collaborators.

Our education and training initiatives spread and enhance best practices in the transition from conventional to fully organic and regenerative agriculture, protecting natural agricultural resources, and eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Ultimately, we aim to educate our customers on the benefits of better nutrition for themselves and the planet.


We value creativity, new ideas and new ways of thinking. We draw most of our inspiration from nature, with its amazing richness of colour and texture, unexpected partnerships and amazing functions, and the enviable economy in its use of resources.

The colours of nature were a great source of inspiration in the design of our packaging – we wanted the exterior to reflect the natural goodness inside. But our packaging design is also informed by sustainability principles – we got creative in our use of packaging materials in service of our goal for zero waste.


Nature generously provides everything we need, and we take from its bounty in moderation, avoiding excess or greed

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