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our beekeeping practices

Our certified organic beekeeping unit has reached 1500 bee swarms.

We collaborate with beekeepers who share our philosophy of respecting and protecting the ecosystem and who, like us, practice nomadic beekeeping. Our bee swarms are transported to virgin areas with native vegetation, rich in biodiversity and far away from farmland or industrial activities of any kind. This is how we ensure that beekeeping products are pure, with exceptional biofunctional properties, and free of any pesticide residues or industrial pollutants.

An important aspect of our practice is that we never exhaust the honey from each hive. We always leave enough in the honeycombs to allow the bees to replace the quantity we take without being detrimental to the health of the colony. At the same time, we ensure that our beekeepers do not feed the bees any additional substances or formulations such as sugar or sweetening syrup during flowering season or encumber them with synthetic honeybee medicines or antibiotics.

We invest in the future of Greek beekeeping. Based on studies and research programs by prominent academic institutions, we run training programs with the goal of encouraging a new generation of beekeepers, imparting our knowledge to them, and introducing them to good beekeeping practices so that, ultimately, we can expand the community of organic honey producers.

our cultivations

Organic and regenerative cultivations, low-impact growing methods, recycling and composting practices to enrich the soil

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our packaging

We are faithful to the “reduce – reuse – recycle – refill” philosophy – it informs our packaging design, minimizing waste

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