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our cultivations

our cultivations

Organic and regenerative cultivations, low-impact growing methods, recycling and composting practices to enrich the soil

We choose to work with growers who share our vision about agricultural practices that protect the soil and allow it to regenerate. The good, regenerative farming practices that we implement – and in which we train our young farmers – yield better-quality plants with no chemical residues, healthier crops, and a more balanced and healthier ecosystem. At the same time, organic cultivations also benefit the beehives that are often installed nearby, providing top-quality pollen and nectar for the bees.


We harvest aromatic and medicinal plants from organic cultivations that grow in specific areas of Greece, selected based on altitude, soil suitability, local microclimate, and the absence of any form of industrial activity nearby.

We implement organic and low-impact farming methods, in contrast to conventional, high-intensity agriculture that, driven solely by the desire for higher crop yields, leads to soil exhaustion.

We encourage the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices, such as recycling and composting, that increase biodiversity, enrich the soil by returning its nutrients, and safeguard the ecosystem.

our cultivations

Our regenerative approach

We constantly experiment with new farming techniques to minimize the use of any pesticides (even those compatible with organic farming)

We seek ways to naturally protect our crops, such as strengthening the natural enemies of parasites, both in the soil and in the subsoil of our cultivations

We implement “smart agriculture” practices, installing biosensors in fields at Mount Olympus and at our crops in Peloponnese, which record atmospheric (climate) and soil conditions, enabling the collection of a large volume of data on several different parameters that affect plant development and bioactivity.


A healthy environment for bees

For years, bee populations have been declining rapidly, due to the aggressive, excessive use of pesticides; this threatens the security of our entire food chain.

Our organic and regenerative crops provide the ideal healthy environment where our swarms can thrive, along with nature’s other pollinators. The exceptional antimicrobial properties in the plants’ essential oils help prevent and treat diseases that threaten bee colonies.

our journey

From the fields and beehives to delicious and nutritious products, follow us on an amazing journey

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our beekeeping practices

We are third-generation beekeepers. Our honey comes exclusively from organic, nomadic beekeeping, free from harmful residues

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