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well being


Research has proven time and again that good nutrition plays a decisive role in maintaining good physical health and a strong, balanced mental state.

our approach to well-being

As Hippocrates taught in antiquity, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The Hippocratic philosophy forms the cornerstone of our thinking about our relationship with nature and food. True well-being is founded not only on being healthy, but also on living in harmony with nature.

We envision a planet of abundance, where people live and thrive in harmony with nature, enjoying healthy and balanced nutrition, regenerative and sustainable cultivation of the earth, flourishing bee populations, and ethically driven business.

well being

Our house & garden

At Symbeeosis, we work for nature, with nature, and literally in nature. Our philosophy about creative symbiosis and collaboration in a genuinely friendly environment is also manifested in our work environment.

Our offices are housed in a beautiful residence in a rural area, which co-exists harmoniously with its natural surroundings and maintains its “homey” character – a kitchen where we prepare healthy meals, a sitting room for relaxed conversations, communal areas that encourage spending time together and collaborating. We have abandoned the rigid model of the traditional “workspace” in favour of creativity and inspiration.

The house is surrounded by a botanical garden, a member of Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI). It is the Symbeeosis Botanical Garden that showcases the rich biodiversity of Greek flora and the unique properties of plants. It is also the perfect environment for our bees and our people. We all grow our herbs together and use them in our kitchen; we work at natural “desks” in the garden; we enjoy relaxing walks that restore our sense of well-being. We ofthen take walks through the maze of rosemary bushes that enhances brain function, aids concentration and stimulates new ideas.

The Symbeeosis Botanical Garden is home to four basic plant collections:

The18 Symbeeosis herbs, i.e., all the plant species used in making our products.

184 of the 270 Hippocratic plants
, which were used by Hippocrates to treat his patients and that he recommended as part of a healthy diet and for their curative properties.

69 rare, endemic, and endangered Greek plants. Our goal is to showcase and help preserve the exceptional Greek flora.

Organic fruit and vegetables that we grow seasonally and use in our kitchen to prepare delicious meals.

Our garden is enriched with the presence of several beehives: we offer the bees our garden’s blossoms, and they offer us their organic honey in return.

Our botanical garden is always open to visits from our suppliers, customers, schools, universities, beekeepers, farmers, journalists, etc., to share our values and pass on our love for the rich biodiversity of Greece.

why Symbeeosis

Symbiosis is everywhere in nature – a harmonious coexistence of different organisms in mutually beneficial relationships

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Nature generously provides everything we need, and we take from its bounty in moderation, avoiding excess or greed

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