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Nature generously provides everything we need, and we take from its bounty in moderation, avoiding excess or greed

Our herbs and honey are obtained exclusively from organic crops and organic beekeeping activities, respectively. Herbs are cultivated in the areas where they grow wild; this preserves their naturally occurring beneficial properties, a direct result of Greek biodiversity, without disturbing the local ecosystem. Our regenerative agricultural practices include proper use of natural resources and zero chemicals; organic plant remains are used as natural fertilizers. Sustainable growing practices are implemented together with smart farming, to achieve naturally greater bioactivity. With sustainable management of resources from field to table, we have successfully eliminated non-recyclable waste.

Our honey is obtained from traditional Greek bee populations. Our practices have evolved from the experience of three generations of beekeepers, informed by our respect and care for bees – nature’s greatest pollinator – which is why we only adopt methods that protect and benefit them. Our beehives are located in remote areas of Greece, rich in biodiversity, and where bees do not encounter pesticides or other polluting factors. We want to have healthy and thriving bee populations, now and in the future, so we share the honey with the bees, leaving a greater percentage in the hive for their needs.

Nature generously provides everything we need, and we take from its bounty in moderation, avoiding excess or greed, in a symbiotic relationship.

Ethically Driven Business

In our approach to doing business, we are guided by our purpose for all our activities to be naturally and morally sustainable. Our operations are founded on the principles of balance, regeneration, transparency (honesty), traceability and symbiotic relationships.

We choose our partners based on our shared values, and we cultivate mutually beneficial, “symbiotic” relationships with the beekeepers and growers we collaborate with, towards the goal of our joint prosperity. In our business philosophy, the natural ecosystems that we depend on for our raw ingredients are considered equal stakeholders in our enterprise and treated with respect.

We communicate truthfully about our products – our raw materials, farming and beekeeping practices, processing and packaging methods. We make honest claims about the nutritional benefits obtained from our products. We listen actively to our customers, to their wishes, their choices, and their feedback, and we are open to incorporating into our operations new ideas that are aligned with our values. We endeavour to regenerate the lives and businesses of our customers by pollinating in them new ideas and fresh perspectives.  The best way to improve ideas is to share them. We believe in sharing knowledge, in being inspired by the creative thinking and useful experiences of others and, in turn, offering them the best of our knowhow in what we do, as part of a sharing, symbiotic ecosystem. We embrace a platform mind-set – our goal is not just to offer a range of separate products, but an entire system of skills and capabilities that will encourage others to adopt sustainable business practices.


True well-being is founded on eating well and being healthy, but it is equally important to live in balance with nature

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By harnessing the power of nature with state-of-the-art but low-impact methods, we produce innovative and effective green products

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