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10 ways to boost your energy and immune system this Fall season

Living Well

Ten simple ideas to increase your energy levels and well-being.

1. A morning cocktail: After 7 or 8 hours of sleep, our body needs to recover its hydration levels and a shot of energy. In a glass of hot water (not burning) add a teaspoon of organic honey, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and the juice of half a lemon. This cocktail will help the basic cleansing functions of your body and intestine while giving you energy, vitamins and minerals and also keeping your insulin levels stable.

2. Move! To stay energized, you have to move. Incorporating an exercise routine early in the morning (better before breakfast) and getting the first rays of sunshine will make a big change in your life. A forest bathing is not always possible: but going for a walk in a nearby park or even doing an exercise chart and deep breathing in your own home will help you face the day in a totally different way.

3. A Cold Shower? Cold showers are incredibly beneficial for boosting your immune system, as they increase the number of white blood cells in our body (in charge of protecting our body from diseases and infections). Get in the habit of ending your showers with a splash of cold water all over your body.

4. Nutritious breakfast: Your body needs the best possible food to face all the activities of the day. Incorporating chia seeds, flax seeds and nuts, fruit and vegetable smoothies and the right amount of protein into your breakfast will make all the difference throughout the morning. A sachet of Organic Herbal Elixir Energy will also give you that extra boost you need without resorting to caffeine.

5. A little nap: Studies show that the Mediterranean habit of having a 20-30 minute break after eating boosts the immune system, improves the endocrine system and even improves mood. Of course, we’re not talking about a pajama nap: resting longer than 30 minutes will have the opposite effect, making you drowsy in the afternoon and making it harder to fall asleep at night.

6. Enough calories: Maintaining energy during the day is not possible if you are on a diet that is too restrictive. If you want to lose weight, focus on eliminating processed foods, sugar, simple carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats, and increase your activity through exercise. Consuming enough healthy fats will keep you satiated and it will help to balance your hormonal system. A tablespoon of olive, coconut or flax oil, or a handful of nuts mid-afternoon will give you that needed energy boost without making you gain weight.

7. …But not too many: Just as a restrictive diet limits your energy levels and undermines your health by subjecting your body to nutritional deficiencies, an excessive calorie diet will make you feel tired and heavy throughout the day. If you stress your body with constant and heavy digestion you will notice that your energy will be lower and your ability to focus and concentrate will be very far worse. Eliminate from your diet certain foods and sugars that create insulin spikes with their corresponding “highs” and opt for fresh, energetic and easy-to-digest foods.

8. Control stress: Studies have shown the disasters that stress generates in our organism. Stress robs us of our mood, energy and health. Get in the habit of making small stops throughout the day where you can retreat to a quiet place, close your eyes, take several deep breaths and connect with yourself.

9. Weekends & Nature: In previous articles we described the benefits of forest bathing. Getting in frequent contact with nature, whether it’s walking in the woods or taking sea baths, will do wonders for your mood, energy levels and quality of life. Walking on the land (preferably barefoot), soaking up the sun’s rays and exposing your body to the elements brings you life, peace and connection with your surroundings.

10. Quality sleep: Lack of sleep or insomnia exponentially decreases your health and quality of life. Often, sleep problems are associated with stress, diet and/or sedentary habits. A simple ritual before bedtime can help you a lot to have a restful sleep: try to have dinner three hours before bedtime so that digestion does not rob you of sleep; an hour before bedtime prepare a chamomile tea (one or two pyramids), add a teaspoon of organic honey and a sachet of Organic Herbal Elixir Relax; try not to be exposed to screens and go to bed with a good book. Also, avoid caffeine and stimulating drinks after 5 p.m. and replace them with antioxidant organic mountain tea with wonderful effects on your health and well-being.