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Nettle, the new ‘matcha’?

Living Well

Nettle has become the new ‘wellness drink’. Because of its green color, tannin-rich flavor and stimulating properties, it has been compared to matcha tea. Here’s why.

Nettle is a plant that has been used since ancient times for its many benefits. In daily use since ancient Greece, it was attributed all kinds of properties: powerful purifying, energising, anti-anaemic, digestive, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, beneficial for lactating women [because of its galactogenic action], and also useful both during menstruation [and menopausal disorders].

Also new discoveries highlight this herb: recent studies have also shown it to be very beneficial in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, in reducing blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, reducing allergies, relieving constipation and improving pain caused by arthritis, sciatica or lumbago.


Nettle also stands out for its nutritional content, as it is very rich in vitamins A, B1, B5 C, K and D, minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, silicon, potassium, manganese and phosphorus; it contains all the essential amino acids, is rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene or lutein and has a very high antioxidant content. Due to its extraordinary ability to purify the body [blood, liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines and skin], nettle stimulates our immune system and body.

It is recommended to take “nettle cures” twice a year: ideally in autumn or before winter and again in spring. These “nettle cures” are done for twenty-one days and consist of drinking three cups of nettle infusion throughout the day: first on an empty stomach half an hour before our breakfast, adding the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey; another half an hour before lunch [without lemon, honey is optional], and the last one after dinner, without adding any other product. These “nettle cures” will eliminate toxins, reset your body and bring great vitality and energy to your system.


Nettle infusion is a caffeine-free herbal tea, so it provides vigour and energy without affecting the nervous system or causing anxiety. It is also a perfect ally for slimming, as it produces a feeling of satiety when consumed half an hour before each meal and has a diuretic effect.

We also encourage you to use nettle infusion topically, i.e. you can apply it cold directly to the skin, as it is particularly effective for treating hair loss, dandruff or scalp hyperseborrhoea, or in the case of psoriasis, eczema and acne. Have you ever been told about the exceptional qualities of this herb? The natural knowledge of our herbs is of great importance, and at symbeeosis we believe in showing and sharing of the wisdom of nature: as Hippocrates said, the great wisdom.