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Why are natural dietary supplements the healthiest choice?

Living Well

Natural supplements are the healthiest option to reach the minimum amount of elements required by our body to perform perfectly.

Better food, better diet

Due to the depletion of the soil caused by the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other poor agricultural practices, very often soil has been seriously affected in its organic content, worsening the quality, flavor and nutritional content of food. In many cases, even consuming the right quantity and variety of fruits, vegetables and other foods, a person may nevertheless have a significant nutritional deficit in minerals such as magnesium, silicon, zinc or certain vitamins.

For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to use exogenous vitamins and minerals to supplement our diet and reach the minimum amounts required by the body to perform its functions optimally (note: we recommend a preventive medical examination, which can easily reveal any nutritional deficiencies).

Nowadays, when we find ourselves having an infinite number of options for food supplements on the market; depending on which ones we choose, this supplement is effective or not. Let’s remember that we are not only what we eat but we are also what our body is capable of absorbing. It is useless to take a capsule of a certain vitamin if our body is not capable of absorbing it and we are simply going to discard it in the urine.

First of all, when choosing a food supplement we must take into account that there are those that are made by chemical procedures in the laboratory and other ones that are made naturally by extracting a nutrient or vitamin directly from organic sources: we have to decide now between synthetic supplements and natural supplements.

On the one hand, human nutrition requires macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats which provide us with energy and are necessary to carry out our metabolic or hormonal functions. On the other hand, we need micronutrients: vitamins and minerals that do not only provide energy, but are also essential for most of the cellular functions in our bodies.

The optimal way to obtain these nutritional requirements is through food, as our body is capable of recognizing perfectly the genetic code of food, since we have consumed it for millions of years. It is very interesting to delve into recent studies that investigate the relatively new science of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics, contributing in relation to the interaction/communication between food and our genome or, in other words, how food consumption could trigger certain reactions in DNA. Genetic engineering applied to food is highly controversial: we cannot know the long-term effect it can have on the human organism; to be aware, these foods can be recognized by their acronym in English GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

Symbeeosis Organic Herbal Elixirs

At Symbeeosis, we believe that the body recognizes and reacts directly to supplementation from natural and organic sources. This happens because natural vitamins and minerals are not found in their isolated form, but combined with other biologically active co-nutrients that allow a better metabolism and absorption by our body due to their greater bioavailability.

The food supplements that we offer at Symbeeosis are based on this science. You can know more about them here. Not only do they come from natural sources, but research has allowed us to learn how certain organic ingredients act in synergy, enhancing their effects and offering the best results. In addition, something essential for us is the fact that they are extracted by using processes respectful of the environment and the ecosystem, which results in benefits for you and for the planet.