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Season 2. Episode 3 – What is holonomics? Holistic values in business, where People and Planet Matter.


In the third compelling chapter of our #ToBeHappening Podcast Season 2, Simon Robinson, the CEO (Worldwide) of Holonomics, co-founder of the Deep Tech Network and a worldwide known author, discusses with the journalist Rubén Fernández-Costa about the importance of values in a new society of conscious projects.

Simon Robinson is a Harvard Business Review author, coauthor of “Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation”, “Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design” and “Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter”. With three decades of experience in customer experience design, Simon is an internet pioneer and award-winning tech innovator, having co-founded the world’s first mobile internet portal, and contributing to the design and launch of the world’s first smart phones. Simon is respected globally for his contributions to customer experience strategy and Deep Tech, having created numerous design methods and frameworks such as the “New 4Ps” and the “Holonomic Circle”.

Enjoy the podcast with an organic mountain tea combined with a spoonful of functional honey.