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#ToBeeHappening, Season 2, Episode 2: A walk around Symbeeosis Garden


You are invited to a walk.

Pavlos Voulgaris, Symbeeosis Agriculture Project Manager will guide you on a visit to our headquarters garden in Athens, Greece during the second chapter of this particular #ToBeHappening Podcast Season 2.


Nature generously provides everything we need. Our organic cultivations are selected on criteria: altitude, soil suitability, local microclimate, and absence of industrial activity nearby. We encourage the implementation of regenerative agricultural practices, such as recycling and composting, that increase biodiversity, enrich the soil by returning its nutrients, and safeguard the ecosystem.

We will visit together our regenerative cultivated garden getting to know more about the “symbeeosis” of plants and bees, knowing more about the path from farm to cup, follow us on an amazing journey!