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Ginger Iced Tea with Mango


When temperatures rise and the humidity just won’t quit, nothing beats a homemade iced tea.

Just try our ice-cold tea slushie. This drink is about to change the way you think about summer refreshments.


· 3 tea bags of Greek Organic Mountain Tea and Ginger
· ½ passionfruit
· 1 + ½ cups frozen mango
· 1 cup of ice
· 3 lemon drops


Step 1
Steep 3 tea bags of Mountain Tea & Ginger in ½ cup (120ml) of hot water for 5 min.

Step 2
In a blender, add the tea, passionfruit, frozen mango, and the ice. Blend until you achieve a slush-like texture.

Step 3
Finally, pour into a glass and add the lemon drops