Organic Functional Honey with Ginger
Symbeeosis organic functional honey with ginger contains trace elements and phenolic components, while the addition of ginger extract enhances its antioxidant properties and helps keep the digestive system healthy.

Greek Organic Nettle
Symbeeosis Greek Organic Nettle Drink is the drink for detoxification. This herb, with excellent astringent, diuretic and soothing properties, removes toxins and excess fluids from the body. For added potency, the blend is enhanced with active dried nettle extract. It is a naturally caffeine-free herb with a fresh Greek herbal aroma and a strong earthy taste.

Greek Organic Lemon Verbena
The delicious infusion of Symbeeosis Greek Organic Lemon Verbena, is the drink that will reduce stress and have a positive effect on your mood and sleep quality. Due to its caffeine-free nature, it helps to detoxify the body by removing excess fluids. The infusion is even more effective because its blend is further enhanced with active dry lemon verbena extract.

Greek Organic Oregano
Organic oregano facilitates digestion and is known for its diuretic effect when consumed as a drink. It is also used in the kitchen to add aroma and flavor to culinary creations.

Greek Organic Thyme
Organic thyme is traditionally used as a drink for coughs, to soothe the throat and as an antiseptic. Mixed with other herbs it is used as a tonic infusion. It is also used as a cooking herb in various Mediterranean dishes to add flavour and aroma.

Good for the planet

Symbeeosis organic functional honey with ginger is available in a 280 gr glass jar with easily removable labels. It can be reused as a container to store herbs, seeds and nuts, or as a pencil container – and of course it can be recycled.

PLA (polylactic acid)

Symbeeosis Pyramids for Tea & Herbs are biodegradable and made with PLA (polylactic acid), a fiber derived from corn starch. It biodegrades naturally in the soil or in the water without emitting any harmful substances, leaving a zero environmental footprint.


The box is made of tinplate and is plastic free. It can be easily reused or recycled.

Fresh Bloom Cleanse



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Enjoy a fresh bloom cleansing and detox! Buy a unique Spring Sales Gift which contains Organic Functional Honey with Ginger, Greek Organic Nettle, Greek Organic Lemon Verbena, Greek Organic Oregano and Greek Organic Thyme.
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PLA (polylactic acid)
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