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The ginger superfoods: the (unexpected) rhizome properties

Living Well

It is no discovery that Ginger has been used since ancient times for its flavour, cooked in a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes; recommended by Ayurveda, the surprising fact about ginger is association with an almost endless list of benefits for different cultures, such as relieving muscle pain, treating the common cold, constipation, fever, gastrointestinal conditions or even hypertension.

Fortunately, new scientific advances in laboratory analytics have made it possible to specifically isolate more than 100 different active constituents of the root of ‘Zingiber officinale’ and to verify several of these widely held ancestral insights. Ginger has been described as a medicine and Science confirms this: it is a potent antioxidant, which can even prevent the generation of free radicals and oxidative stress. But not only.


This rhizome, whose name comes etymologically from the Indo-European language and means ‘earth horn’, has immunomodulatory, anti-tumorigenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipidemic and anti-emetic actions, while at the same time having almost no known side-effects (consult your doctor if you may be allergic, could be pregnant or have specific conditions). Symbeeosis testing has shown that organic Dried ginger extract is rich in gingerols, which belong to the broader class of polyphenols; ginger therefore has antimicrobial, antioxidant and tonic properties and it helps against colds and fever, digestive disorders and pain.

It has also been confirmed that, surprisingly, Ginger has a clear sialogogue action, stimulating saliva production, which facilitates swallowing and digestion. Moreover, during 2019, a review of several studies in a peer-reviewed journal confirmed that ginger extract powder and capsules can reduce nausea and vomiting due to diseases or even agressive health treatments.


Symbeeosis Organic Functional Honey with Ginger has a characteristic sweet and spicy taste: the addition of organic Ginger extract gives extra antioxidant properties to help the digestive system function properly, as well as having antimicrobial, antioxidant and tonic properties to help with colds or digestive disorders and discomfort.  Rich in phenolic acids, antioxidants and trace elements, the potency of the Greek honey is enhanced by an innovative process using dried herbal extracts from organic Ginger to create a superfood. One tablespoon of Symbeeosis Organic Functional Honey with Ginger per day can help maintain a healthy digestive system and provides energy at the start of the day. One tablespoon of honey with ginger (24 g) corresponds to an intake of approximately 720 mg of Ginger root.

Organic Greek mountain teas of Symbeeosis are available in 6 flavours. Enriched with dried mountain tea extracts for extra potency and are naturally caffeine-free: the combination with Ginger provides the antioxidant properties and helps strengthen the immune system and memory, promoting a physical and mental well-being. A single pyramids contains a blend of organic mountain tea (Sideritis scardica), organic ginger (Zingiber officinale) and organic mountain tea dry extract (Sideritis scardica).

Symbeeosis organic Greek functional marmalades have a high fresh fruit content (80%), enriched with dried propolis and extra ginger for extra nutritional value. They contain only natural fruit sugars and are free from added sweeteners and artificial flavourings: the orange with ginger combination is a delicious way to enjoy a peppery flavour and have the benefits from ginger. You can serve on yogurt, bread, ice cream or with cheese & cold cuts platter. Try all these super foods!