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The real time: 3 differences between chronological and biological age

Living Well

Chronological age refers to the actual amount of time a person has existed. moreover, biological age refers to the epigenetic alteration of its cells.

Nowadays, science has shown that this description is not only the result of subjective sensations that we experience regarding age but also the difference between chronological or calendrical age and biological age is “real”. Indeed, today it is possible to analyze and measure aging through different studies that examine parameters or biomarkers such as the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and muscle structure; the study of the structure of immunoglobulin; the condition of the skin; the analysis of our organs for senses of sight and hearing; memory tests or the measurement of the length of telomeres (located at the ends of chromosomes, providing a protective function on them). Through these markers it is possible to determine the biological age of a person!

Many recent studies have concluded that although genetics is a factor to be taken into account, it is not the determining factor since it only determines around 30% of our age; lifestyle is more relevant and determines it even in a 50% and finally, stress management can determine about 20% of our aging.

Aging is a natural physiological process and we must, as individuals and as a society, learn to embrace and understand it correctly (we recommend readings and praises of old age such as those of Seneca or Cicero). However, the body is an instrument that we can take care of and it can respond with energy, strength and vitality: it is possible. The biological clock (an innate mechanism to control the physiological activities of an organism that change on a daily, seasonal, yearly, or other regular cycle) cannot be stopped but it can be slowed down and this can be done in different ways.

In Symbeeosis, we strongly believe through our investigations that a healthy diet based on 60%-80% high quality fruits and vegetables, active living, engaging in moderate exercise such as walking (as it can be argued that it is the perfect exercise versus strenuous exercise, which increases the risk of heart attack) and a way of facing life with serenity and joy, cultivating our mind and spirit, contribute greatly to keeping the body young and vigorous and our mind and spirit elevated. On the contrary, habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, stress or destructive mental and emotional habits, act in the opposite direction.

Some of our Symbeeosis products, such as the Mountain tea, with a high content of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals which cause aging, or our range of food supplements that act as cofactors in stress management and sleep optimization (Organic Herbal Elixir Relax) or in optimization of our memory and neurological (Brain), turn out to be great allies in the process of slowing down the biological clock and living in harmony with our body and the planet!