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Superbowl with Honey and Fruits: a breakfast perfection


A smoothie bowl that boosts you all day long. Enjoy this ease-to-prepare breakfast extra to your tea and start the day tuned.

Delicious and superhealthy: this Superbowl includes all the healthy and natural ingredients that will help your body. Have you ever thought about this question: what are the benefits of a better breakfast?

Firstly, greater concentration during the day and overweight control are two of them, but it is demonstrated that a right breakfast will minimize cardiovascular problems, improve your intellectual performance and reduce your anxiety, preventing hypoglycemia and hypotension.

A breakfast is also a good way of adding more vitamins and minerals to your routine. A balanced breakfast always includes fruit pieces or fruit juice, therefore, the contribution of vitamins and minerals will also create a better humor. A correct diet influences the state of mind!

Prep time: 5′


Five Cherries

Five to seven blueberries



Greek organic functional honey and ginger (3 spoons)

Some nuts

How to prepare

Let’s to this in 3 easy steps!

First, you need a large bowl to add the quinoa and granola. Take a large spoon to mix them.

Then, add the honey and the fruits in pieces. You can add some juice of your preference.

Finish with nuts (or cinnamon) and voila! Your healthier meal is ready.