Known as a natural “cure” for various ailments since ancient times, heather honey is gaining a growing number of fans around the world. With special antioxidant and tonic properties, it benefits the health of the body in many ways. Thanks to its trace elements and high pollen content, it is a food of high biological value.

Why organic honey

Organic honey is rich in nutrients as it contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that can benefit our health.

The production of organic honey requires the use of organic farming methods. This means that no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used at all. Thus, its production does not harm the environment and even serves to reduce soil and water pollution. Organic beehives collect the nectar of the flowers and the honeydew, without coming into contact with antibiotics often used in conventional beehives. Organic honey is therefore completely free of chemical residues that may be found in conventional honeys.

Overall, choosing organic Greek honey helps protect the environment, promotes our health and supports the local economy. It is an excellent choice for our daily diet.

Symbeeosis Origins

Our heather honey beehives are located in the mountains of the Cycladic islands, where the heather – a beautiful small shrub that blooms in autumn – thrives. The Cyclades, a place of unparalleled natural beauty, is a miniature of Greece, with high mountains full of gorges, small rivers, running waters and thermal springs, valleys planted with vineyards, cypresses, oaks, fruit trees and olives.

All the Cycladic islands combine the arid stony landscape with lush vegetation and abundant waters, while being surrounded by the magnificent Aegean Sea. In this unique environment the heather blossoms from early autumn to late winter. Its flowers have striking colors with pink, purple and white hues, and it is an excellent bee-keeping plant. In fact, Dioscorides (the father of pharmacognosy) said that when bees visit the heather ‘Honey is worked by the great bees’.

Good for the planet

Honey’s jar is made of glass that allow easy removal of the label. It can be recycled or reused as containers to store herbs, seeds and nuts, or as a pencil box.


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Greek Organic Erica Honey 280gr




Organic erica honey contributes to the good health of the body thanks to its trace elements, high pollen content and antioxidant action.

Organic erica honey contributes to the good health of the body thanks to its trace elements, high pollen content and antioxidant action. It has a strong aroma with spicy notes, a sweet taste, a creamy texture, and a creamy taste.
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