Fir honey, like all Greek honeys, is rich in polyphenols and phenolic acids, with significant antioxidant, antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory activity. It has a low glucose content, with little effect on blood serum insulin levels, which offers advantages in glycemic control while at the same time it is rich in trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

Symbeeosis Origins
Central Greece, Peloponnese

The colour of spruce honey varies depending on the region of origin and ranges from dark or light red to black. It has a high density which makes it very viscous.The low concentration of sugars contributes to its mild sweetness. It has a light aroma of fir and a spicy caramel taste of mild sweetness. At Symbeeosis we move our hives for the collection of honey from the Cephalonian fir (Abies cephalonica), in the mountainous Nafpaktia and Elikonas of Boeotia in Central Greece, as well as in mountainous Arcadia in the Peloponnese at an altitude of 1000 meters, where the fir tree grows and dense fir forests develop. These are isolated areas, far from any human intervention, thus ensuring the purity of the raw material.

Good for the planet

Symbeeosis organic fir honey is available in a 280 gr jar made of glass that allows easy removal of the label. It can be reused as a container to store herbs, seeds and nuts, or as a lead container – and of course it can be recycled in the special bin.

Greek Organic Fir Honey



Spruce honey is low in glucose, which offers advantages in glycemic control while being rich in trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.
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Central Greece, Peloponnese
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