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Chamomile fans: the real properties of this humble (and surprising) plant

Living Well

Relieving anxiety, improving sleep and helping with the stomach: infused chamomile has many real benefits for our health.

Similar in appearance to small daisies, chamomile is a herbaceous plant that can grow up to 60cm. The beauty of this plant resides in the fact that its benefits are found in its pleasantly scented flowers. Its Greek name (χαμομήλι) comes from its characteristic apple scent during spring when it blooms.

This aromatic plant has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries and it is known throughout the world for its properties, three of which are particularly important: its gastrointestinal effects, its effects against colds and its unknown ability to relieve mental stress. It is the flowers of this plant that contain polyphenols and terpenoids, chemical compounds that give this tea its properties.

In fact, the infusion of these flowers has already been officially recognized by the European Medicines Agency as a traditional herbal medicinal product for its beneficial effects against colds, gastrointestinal disorders and the treatment of inflammation; even on the skin, ingested and topically, chamomile has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that helps to reduce irritations, eczema and allergies.

This herbal tea helps us with stomach upset and relieves cold symptoms, with a secondary effect: it provides peace of mind, helping to activate the immune system. Recent studies show that this tea helps to control cortisol levels and helps you fall asleep more easily. What could be more appetizing than a cup of chamomile tea in a winter day?


Symbeeosis cultivates organic chamomile with care and attention, obtaining a chamomile of excellent quality, with all the special characteristics that make it so unique. For even greater potency, the Symbeeosis blend is enhanced with active dry extracts of chamomile.

Our chamomile comes from the plain of Thessaly, near the river Pinios. It is cultivated with the most modern ecological practices by a cooperative producer with absolute respect for the environment; our regenerative agricultural practices include proper use of natural resources and zero chemicals. Sustainable growing practices are implemented together with smart farming, to achieve naturally greater bioactivity.


For optimal preparation, just use enough water to fill your cup, then do not exceed 90 ºC. Immerse the pyramid in this water for 3-5 minutes. It is best to cover the mug to maximize the flavors and active ingredients of the beverage. Then remove the pyramid and add Symbeeosis Organic Honey if desired.

Cold drink? Prepare as for the hot drink with half the amount of water and top off with cold water or ice cubes. Cold brew? Also a fantastic idea: use the 3 pyramids in a 750ml jug of cold water in the fridge for 24 hours and enjoy all the flavors of this unique brewing method. Chamomile fans, it’s time.