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Flowers are useful, sometimes: a Symbeeosis spring

Living Well

Without the love story between flowers and bees, we would lose about two-thirds of our food supply. Flower petals have different colors indeed due to the so-called “floral fidelity” phenomenon and thanks to that bees can differentiate the flowers from the plants and also sources of nectar, identifying a certain type of plant.

Spring is here again and, in our daily life, flowers will surround us: we use plants and flowers as gifts because their shapes and colors -which attract bees and other pollinators for the fertilization and reproduction process- are also delightful. We use them to connect ourselves with Nature and with other humans through a series of emotional and semiotic meanings: the set of petals often known as the corolla are about to bloom during this spring, and our pollinators will fly and make our life cycle possible!

The power of plants and flowers

At Symbeeosis we strongly believe that better health comes from better nutrition. Just as the ancient holistic doctor Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Our functional products, born from our creative symbiosis with Nature, improve nutrition, support good health, and add a Greek flavor to your day.

Our regenerative cultivations use low-impact growing methods, recycling and composting practices to enrich the soil. Flowers are a key part of this cycle and we use among others organic Mountain Tea flowers, organic Chamomile, Melissa and Lavender flowers and many others due to its healing, energy (relaxation), tonic or rejuvenation benefits.

It is the observance of Nature, the vibrant colors of plants and flowers that inspires us all these years, also in the beautiful Spring, to offer you the best products that are effective for our health, and created in the best possible way.

The power of Nature colors

The colors of our flowers not only attract the pollinators but also undoubtedly inspire us. Spring will explode soon: although we know that the perception of different colors corresponds to the impression produced on our retina by the bounce of light on objects, the impact that color produces on us is not only reduced to a sensory experience but, as a whole, there is an exciting study behind it.

Color is energy. Each color has a vibratory frequency that produces effects in ourselves as observers. These effects have been studied by different disciplines and fields such as the psychology of color, chromotherapy, applied architecture, light therapy, dermatology, ophthalmology…

We use in our designs the Nature colors as a source of inspiration. The enormous potential of color (and sound) as an aid in healing processes is just beginning to be explored and the day is not far off when medicine will use it seriously in the treatment of different diseases and pathologies. We are immersed in colours, surrounded by vibrations. 

Have a wonderful Spring… Love yourself, love your planet!