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How to increase naturally your focus and concentration

Living Well

New activities require three key factors to be completed: willpower, concentration and enthusiasm. In this article we will address the importance of concentration and how to increase our ability to focus.

Nowadays, our brain is constantly bombarded with stimuli that seek to capture our attention constantly and often frustrate us in any attempt to accomplish our goals. Surrounded by visual impacts, we often discover ourselves procrastinating or putting off sitting down to complete a task and, whatever we do, it is too late for maintaining our attention. Today we are drawn to any distraction, whether it’s an email, a call or social media notification or even our own thoughts and self-immersion.

This difficulty in maintaining our concentration on something specific makes us lose a lot of time and produces a sense of frustration when we do not achieve what we set out to do. Therefore, we want to rethink deeply about our attentional processes in a wellbeing perspective: from Symbeeosis we share in this article some natural simple keys that can help us to improve this faculty:


A poor diet can be the first reason of our frustrating efforts to concentrate. We must make sure that we are providing our brain with all the nutrients needed to carry out its functions. Some substances are essential: Omega 3, present in oily fish and seeds; aminoacids necessary for the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as serotonin (tryptophan is a precursor that we find in honey, legumes and fruits such as banana or pineapple) or the aminoacid tyrosine (present in almonds, peanuts or avocados). Also antioxidants (in red fruits or mountain tea) and vitamins A, C and E that protect the brain from cognitive damage.


Stay hydrated! Dehydration can decrease our cognitive performance and ability to concentrate by as much as 15%. Keeping our body hydrated will allow our brain to receive oxygenated blood and stay alert. Include the habit of drinking enough water or non-caffeine Symbeeosis teas during all day long.


Have you considered trying natural supplements? Substances such as ginseng, gingko-biloba, rosemary, mint, turmeric or green tea have shown to increase the ability to concentrate when ingested before an activity. Organic Herbal Elixir Brain is specifically designed to be ingested during periods when extra concentration is needed, providing us with the necessary dose of these substances. In addition, a sachet format makes it easily transportable in a hygienic way and allows you to take it before an exam, meeting or study time (from 12 years old).


Help yourself with essential oils: use a simple humidifier or diffuser and add essential oils. Rosemary, peppermint, lavender or citrus fruits such as lemon, orange or bergamot are adequate essential choices. These oils contain chemicals that improve cognitive performance and promote alertness, memory and learning.


Concentration is like a muscle that can be exercised and strengthened. Meditation, besides being a journey into oneself, is a great discipline for learning to focus attention. There are many different techniques, but the observation of the breath has proven to be very effective, as well as simple. Start practicing it once or twice a day for 10 minutes and see how it makes a difference in your life.


Nowadays we have all acquired the habit of doing several things at the same time: we eat while watching TV, we look at our cell phone while watching a movie or reading or we talk by telephone while we are cooking or walking. This exhausts your brain capacity and keeps you in a constant stress that favors states such as depression, irritability and lack of mental and emotional self-control. Train yourself to put your attention on one activity at a certain time. Choose to live consciously and enjoy happily every moment.