Our organic dried rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis (or Salvia rosmarinus) has numerous health benefits if consumed as a herbal decoction. Its primary advantage is improving memory, concentration, and mood, whilst also stimulating the mind and body. Moreover, the European Medicines Agency formally recognizes rosemary drink as a traditional herbal remedy for symptomatic relief of indigestion and mild spasms of the gastrointestinal tract.

Rosemary is also a culinary herb, often used in Greek cuisine to add flavor to dishes.

It is a fragrant shrub commonly used in beekeeping and was so appreciated by the ancient Greeks that they believed it to be a gift from Aphrodite to mankind and burned it on her altars. Rosemary was also used by the Ancient Greeks as incense, which explains the origin of the ancient name ‘frankincense’ and the current common name ‘rosemary’.


Ingredients: Organic rosemary 35 gr Rosmarinus officinalis (or Salvia rosmarinus).

The packaging

The design of our culinary herb packaging is guided by the philosophy of “reduce – reuse – recycle – refill”. The packaging of our herbs is made of tinplate, with the Plastic Free & Metal Recycles ForeverTM certifications. It keeps the flavors and properties of the herb fresh. It can be reused as a container for herbs, for crafts such as candles or other uses, and of course it can be recycled in the designated bins.

Plastic Free certification means the packaging is free of plastic, while Metal Recycles ForeverTM means it can be continuously recycled without degradation of the material. Continuous recycling helps to save energy and reduce waste.

Greek Organic Rosemary



Rosemary is a highly aromatic, beekeeping shrub often used as a seasoning in many recipes.

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Rosemary is a highly aromatic, beekeeping shrub often used as a seasoning in many recipes. In terms of health, it has many benefits, the main ones being the improvement of memory, concentration, and mood.
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